The Club also offers Water Aerobics in our pool! Currently offering three different classes from basic water aerobics to intense workouts.

Aqua Boot Camp


Non-stop hardcore water aerobics and lap swimming to work every muscle in your body. Come expecting BIG things.

Class Length: 45 minutes continuous cardio



Circuit training alternating cardio and weights. You have never done anything like it in the water.

Class Length: 45 minutes

Deep Water Tone


Deep Water aerobics fused with tools to tone your muscles.

Class Length: 60 minutes continuous cardio and toning

Liquid TNT


Non-stop exploding power to maximize your calories burned.

Class Length: 60 minutes of continuous cardio

Easy Water


Low impact movement in the water to work on flexibility and movement.

Class Length: 45 minutes of low impact movement

Power Hour


High endurance power moves guaranteed to make you sweat. Come join us for an hour of power!

Class Length: 60 minutes

Hardcore Deep Water


Hardcore deep water paired with some lap swimming geared toward strength and endurance building.

Class Length: 60 minutes

Wacky Water


Non-stop fun for kids ages 6-12. Must know how to swim. Limit 20 kids.

Class Length: 45 minutes